The Exchange

The Exchange is a quarterly print newspaper that highlights important social issues while giving a voice to our city’s most marginalized residents. Our paper seeks to educate the community about homelessness in Greater New Orleans from the perspective of the homeless person. Understanding that every person’s experience is unique, we invite currently and formerly homeless members of our community to share their stories. Each contribution instigates dialogue: the exchange necessary to challenge stereotypes about homelessness and increase visibility of this otherwise overlooked population.

Editorial Mission

We allow ourselves, by not subscribing to any political or religious affiliations, to remain independent in thought and action in our ongoing effort to provide clear, accurate and honest coverage of social issues important to, and representative of, our community.


The Exchange welcomes submissions that focus on our five core areas of coverage:

Homelessness | poverty, equality, and justice
Service | veterans’ organizations, health organizations, education groups, nonprofits
Creative | autobiographical narratives, poetry, creative essays, visual art
Environment | local environmental news and commentary, nature writing
Movements | street art, literature, music, food, culture

As this is not an exhaustive list, all parties interested in submitting written or visual content to The Exchange, please contact Todd Thaxton at to learn more about our editorial submission guidelines and deadlines.